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​The S3 Project 

What is FAITH?

FAITH is God's work in me to which I RESPOND.​​


S3 is our response to the Church's call to holiness.


S3 is our re-commitment to truly living the Gospel call to sanctity. It is about being pro-actively part of the solution for the troubled times we face. It is us seeking to become, even more, good and faithful sons and daughters of Our Heavenly Father. The letter S in the name represents the Latin word Sanctus which means Holy.


This project has one goal: for us to become saints. In the Mass we pray

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus - Holy, Holy, Holy

just before entering into the very heart of the Mass, the Eucharistic Prayer. 

It is in and through the Mass that we are transformed into saints.

When we learn how to live the Mass we learn how to live the call to holiness.

Father Amberger is challenging us to make LENT 2021 the time when we get serious,

as a parish family, about taking some major strides in our journey toward heaven. 

To that end, Father has printed up "My Prayer Book" that you can pick up when you come to Mass.  


Everyone dreams, at some time or other of the better person he might 
have been or may yet become. The S3 Lenten Challenge deals with that dream -- self-
perfection. True, there are different ideals and standards of self-perfection,
but only one ideal, one standard alone, will stand the test at the judgment seat
of God. The one and only standard of goodness and perfection is the
standard which God Himself has given us. We do not have to establish an
ideal for ourselves. Our Heavenly Father has already given us one --

His divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Basics:

1. Get up early enough to spend at least five to ten minutes in prayer before starting the day.


2. Take a few minutes before going to bed to examine your conscience.


3. Attend Mass every Sunday (or Saturday evening) and Holy Day. Make sure that you are in the state of the grace of your Baptism before receiving Holy Communion.


4. Try to pray at least part of the Rosary each day (ideally all five decades).


5. Prayerfully read a few verses of one of the Gospels several times a week and think about how it applies to your life. Pray to the Holy Spirit before reading and reflecting.


6. Make a Good Lenten Confession - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - if in mortal sin.

7. Pray the Prayer to Christ Crucified (Pg. 8 My Prayer Book) before a crucifix each day.


If you are looking to increase the challenge after you have made the above core elements consistent:


Below is a list that will challenge you in the Lenten season.

1. Seize “The Heroic Minute” by getting up when the alarm first goes off (don't hit that "snooze" button) and bless yourself with holy water upon arising.

2. Go to bed at a fixed time and bless yourself with holy water before retiring.

3. Develop the habit of making a Spiritual Communion (Pg. 21 of My Prayer Book) on the days you do not attend Mass.

4. Add the devotion to the Three Hail Mary’s (Pg. 11 of My Prayer Book) to your daily routine.

5. Read about a new Saint each week (go to – Click Catholicism tab – Click Saints tab).

6. Identify one or two areas of sin in your life and develop a specific plan for improvement this Lent.

7. Cultivate the practice of devoutly making the Sign of the Cross as a prayer multiple times throughout the day.


Stay tuned.  Keep coming back to this page for more information.

Father is planning to post some short videos to help us along the way.

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