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Which type of Annulment is right for me?

Lack of Canonical Form: Myself or my former spouse is a baptized Catholic AND ALSO did not get married in front of a Catholic Priest or Deacon in a church. Note: If your marriage was later convalidated, then you will need a Formal Case. (See Below)

Ligamen:  I was married before and did not get a Catholic church annulment

Pauline Privilege: BOTH myself and my former spouse were not Baptized at our wedding and now I want to be Baptized.

Formal Case: All other cases

Please contact the Parish Office to begin your annulment


How do I know if I need to present a marriage case to the tribunal?

Anyone who has been married in any kind of ceremony (or who was in a common law marriage which was possible in Ohio until 10 October 1991) who wants to be free to consider future marriage in the Catholic Church or with a Catholic needs to present a case.

How do I know what to say?

As for what words to use, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and then trust that the words will come. The question of when to begin a marriage case is a tough one. Again, pray. When your discernment feels like it is not advancing in any direction, perhaps that is when to bring it to a spiritual director.

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